Video Interviews

In February 2015, the Special Projects and PR Team of Emerging Writers started an Interview Series. We’ll be conducting pre-show interviews with that night’s readers to further explore the readers’ work, to introduce the readers’ to each other, and to let The Internet know a little more about our performers.

Sopping September Readers! Star Spider, Marcus Creaghan, and Andre Forget in Conversation


BIG on Bloor New Readers! Ben Beauchemin, Canisia Lubrin, and Jesse Eckerlin in Conversation


Jewelled June Readers! Eric Bennett, Peter Gibbon, Tanya Decarie, and Netta Kornberg in Conversation


Aching April Readers! April 14, 2015: Vincent Page, Vincent Colistro, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, and Domenica Martinello in Conversation

Molotov March Readers! March 10, 2015: James Lindsay, Joseph Thomas, Brooke Lockyer, and dalton derkson in Conversation

Frisky February Readers! February 10, 2015: Noor Naga, Michelle Brown, Faith Arkorful, and Rick Meier in Conversation