Naomi Freeman

Naomi Freeman


Official Bio

Naomi Freeman was born and sometimes raised in Toronto but also lived in Muskoka a lot. She can therefore wield an axe in an appropriate context, paddle a canoe (or at the very least, a kayak) and is also very skilled at wearing high heels. Naomi writes or has written everything from journalism to poetry to corporate manuals to postmodern prose, and has, at times, offended various camps of writers in the process.


EW Appearances

Jurassic June!


Community Involvement


Naomi is an avid supporter of the literary community. In her real life, Naomi works for non-profits, is able to learn pretty much anything, and is currently working on an entrepreneurial project designed to SAVE THE WORLD.


Current Projects


Naomi is currently working on poetry and prose. She is refining a novella about her experiences in Italy.