Carolyn Bennett

Carolyn Bennett


Official Bio

Carolyn Bennett is a writer and comedian. She has written and consulted for several TV shows including This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Air Farce. She has had plays produced by CBC Radio and has been a contributing writer for eye weekly, The Montreal Gazette, The National Post, NOW and The Toronto Star. From March 2008 to September 2011, Bennett was a speechwriter for Premier Dalton McGuinty, and is no worse for wear.

EW Appearances

Notorious November! (November 2012).

Community Involvement

Carolyn Bennett curates comedy shows in the east end of Toronto and has written for a variety of television shows, plays, and publications. She also wrote for Dalton McGuinty.

Current Projects

Carolyn finished her novel and is currently working to get it published. She recently won the Toronto International Film Festival Screenwriting Intensive Jury Prize.

She performs all around Toronto.