Past Readers


Click on a name to see details about EW readers including photos, bios, community involvement, and current projects. After reading at EW, many of our readers go on to publish books and win awards. This is because EW looks for writers who are professionally serious even if they have not yet published a full manuscript. Explore and see what these hard-working, up-and-coming writers have been doing.

Note: Genres listed refer to the genre performed at The Emerging Writers Reading Series. Many of our performers work in multiple genres. Click the readers’ names to learn more about them and the work they write!

Readers are listed alphabetically.


Adam Abbas (Poetry) 2013

David Alexander (Poetry) 2015

Edward Anki (Poetry) 2014

Cameron Anstee (Poetry) 2014

Andre Babyn (Prose) 2014

Kate Barss (Poetry) 2014

Andrew Battershill (Prose) 2012

Claire Battershill  (Prose) 2012

James Beaton (Prose) 2014

Jessica Bebenek (Poetry) 2013

Carolyn Bennett (Prose) 2012

Jeff Blackman (Poetry) 2014

Jesse Boyce (Prose) 2012

Nicole Brewer (Poetry) 2014

Andrew Brobyn (Poetry) 2014

Madison Brown (Poetry) 2013

Zach Buck (Poetry) 2014

Claire Caldwell (Poetry) 2014

Chad Campbell (Poetry) 2012

Julia Chan (Prose) 2014

Amanda Childs (Poetry) 2014

Christian Christian (Poetry) 2013

Maria Cichosz (Prose) 2013

David Peter Clark (Poetry) 2013

Laura Clarke (Poetry) 2012

Michael Collins (Prose) 2013

Marsha Courneya (Prose) 2012

Leesa Dean (Prose) 2013

Thomas Dearnley-Davison (Poetry) 2012

Kira Wronska Dorward (Prose) 2014



Josh Edgar (Prose) 2014

Evan Ferguson (Prose) 2013

Sara Flemington (Poetry) 2013

Eric Foley (Prose) 2012

Emily Frasier-Jefferies (Poetry) 2013

Naomi Freeman (Poetry) 2013

Jason Freure (Poetry) 2014

Ben Gallagher (Poetry) 2013

Bruce Geddes (Prose) 2013 (Great Lakes Review Reader)

Spencer Gordon (Poetry) 2012

Eleni Gouliaras (Poetry) 2013

Chris Graham (Prose) 2013

Nicole Grimaldi  (Poetry) 2014

Jeremy Hanson-Finger (Prose) 2012

Laura Hartenberger (Prose) 2012

Kevin Hardcastle (Prose) 2014

David Haskins (Prose) 2013 (Great Lakes Review Reader)

Dave Haslett (Prose) 2014

Victoria Hetherington (Prose) 2013

Jack Hostrawser (Prose/Poetry) 2012

Liz Howard (Poetry) 2013

Stevie Howell (Poetry) 2013

Rebecca Ihilchik (Prose) 2013

Yevgenya Jane Iordakiyeva (Poetry) 2013

Ellen Jaffe (Poetry) 2013 (Great Lakes Review Reader)

Katie Jordon (Poetry) 2012



Sophia Katz (Poetry) 2014

William Kemp (Poetry) 2014

Aaron Kreuter (Poetry) 2013

Melissa Kuipers (Prose) 2013

Ben Edgar Ladouceur (Poetry) 2012

Mat Laporte (Poetry) 2o13

Allison LaSorda (Poetry) 2012

Matthew R. Loney (Prose) 2012

Laura Helen McPhee-Brown (Prose) 2014

Annick MacAskill (Poetry) 2014

Mark Jordan Manner (Prose) 2013

Sophie McCreesh (Prose) 2014

Jimmy McInnes (Poetry) 2014

Stephanie McKechnie (Prose) 2013

D. D. Miller (Prose) 2014

Justin Millon (Poetry) 2014

Ben Moon (Poetry/Prose) 2014

Sofia Mostaghimi (Prose) 2012

E Martin Nolan (Poetry) 2012

Seamus Ogden (Poetry) 2014

Christine Ottoni (Prose) 2014

Katrina Owens (Prose) 2015

Jane Ozkowski (Prose) 2013

Jonathan Pappo (Prose) 2015

Jerome Paul (Poetry) 2014

Hannah Peck (Poetry) 2013

Daniel Perry  (Prose) 2012

Patrick Plestid (Prose) 2012

Dave Proctor (Prose) 2014

Michael Prior (Poetry) 2014

Nadia Ragbar (Prose) 2012

Menaka Ramen-Wilms (Prose) 2012

Rasiqra Revulva (Poetry) 2012

Daniel Renton (Poetry) 2013

Laura Ritland (Poetry) 2014

Cheryl Runke (Prose) 2012



Ramna Safeer (Poetry) 2014

Ron Schafrick (Prose) 2012

Rob Shaw (Prose) 2013

Andrew Shenkman (Prose) 2013

Suzannah Showler (Poetry) 2012

Brad Shubat (Poetry) 2014

Bardia Sinaee (Poetry) 2013

Andy Sinclair (Prose) 2012

Jonathan Simpson (Prose) 2014

Rachael Simpson (Poetry) 2014

Delia Smith (Poetry) 2014

Christopher Adam Stager (Prose) 2013

Suzanne Sutherland (Prose) 2012

Andrew Sullivan (Prose) 2012

Jess Taylor  (Poetry) 2012

Steve Thomas (Prose) 2014

Inari Vaissi Nagy (Poetry) 2013

Andy Vatiliotou (Prose) 2012

Andy Verboom (Poetry) 2012

Matthew Walsh (Poetry) 2012

Justin Wamsley (Poetry) 2012

Phoebe Wang (Poetry) 2013

Michelle Winter (Prose) 2013

Catriona Wright (Poetry) 2012

Vicki Zhang (Prose) 2013