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April’s Interview Posted! May show coming up on Tuesday!

Hey everyone!

Check out our newest readers interview from Aching April!

Our next show is THIS TUESDAY on May 12, 2015.

marooned May

See you there!


Host/Founder/Head Curator

The EW Reading Series

New Video Pre-Show Interview: The EW Collective Interviews Molotov March Readers!

Here’s our latest pre-show interview!

Featuring James Lindsay, Joseph Thomas, Brooke Lockyer, and dalton derkson

NEW!!!!!! Interview Series! Episode 1: February Readers Noor Naga, Michelle Brown, Faith Arkorful, and Rick Meier Pre-Show Interview

Hey all!

Special Projects and PR has started a new Interview Series for Emerging Writers! Before every EW show, we’ll have a pre-show interview with that’s nights readers! Here Hannah Peck and Amanda Childs interview Noor Naga, Michelle Brown, Faith Arkorful, and Rick Meier. Interviews will be posted here on the EW blog, under the Video Interviews tab, and on our social media accounts! Thanks for watching and supporting Emerging Writers!


Jess Taylor


The EW Reading Series

The EW Reading Series Presents Frisky February!


Junky January! This Tuesday!

Come on out to our first show of 2015!

January 2015

EW Expands Collective and Goes on Twitter!

Hello Emerging Writers and Emerging Writers supporters,

For a while, we’ve been discussing expanding the collective, and we finally decided to do so for 2015!

New collective:
Jess Taylor (me)- Host, Founder, Head Curator
Sofia Mostaghimi – Associate Fiction Curator
Jessica Bebenek – Associate Poetry Curator
Amanda Childs – PR/Social Media Representative
Ralph Kolewe – Show Photographer

Sofia Mostaghimi has been working with Emerging Writers since 2013 and will continue on for 2015. Thank you for all your hard work, Sofia! A talented fiction writer in her own right, Sofia has a sharp eye for the work EW loves to see from fiction writers — writing that shows a strong sense of play and an energy that will be easily carried into a reading performance. Read one of Sofia’s short stories on Joyland Magazine to get a feel for the type of work she writes.

Ralph Kolewe joined the collective for our Fall season as our show photographer. He’s contributed some great photographs to Emerging Writers already and is known in the community for his great show photography and his artistic photography. Ralph also put out a strong book of poetry this fall, Afterletters, which you can order from BookThug. (There’s also a free sample).

Jessica Bebenek is one of our new members for 2015, but she’s no stranger to Emerging Writers. As well as performing her fantastic poetry at an Emerging Writers show, Jessica was our show photographer for about a year and half before she moved overseas. She returned to the Toronto community just a couple months ago and was welcomed back to Emerging Writers, where she will now have a curatorial role as Associate Poetry Curator. She was an obvious choice for her knowledge of the Emerging Writers brand, but also for her own poetic ability and involvement in the poetry community. Jessica also runs a micropress called Grow & Grow. You can read some of her poetry on The Puritan

Amanda Childs is our other new member for 2015. Emerging Writers has long been looking for someone to take over social media and public relations, and when Amanda expressed an interest in moving into this field, I knew she would be the perfect fit for our collective. Amanda has read for Emerging Writers, read for me at The High Park Reading Festival, and has been a regular attendee of EW. She’s also super fun and personable! Read her work on her official website.

With all these changes, we finally have a Twitter account. Follow us! We’ll be booking up 2015 this holiday season, so make sure you get your submissions in to Emerging Writers!

The website will also hopefully get brought all up to date very soon!

Have a great holiday season!

All the best,

Jess Taylor

Host/Found/Head Curator

The EW Reading Series. 

Tonight! Ottawa October!

Ottawa October

EW welcomes Ralph Kolewe as our new show photographer!

EW would like to wish a warm welcome to Ralph Kolewe, who is joining our collective as our show photographer.

Ralph is a fantastic writer with his first book of poetry, Afterletters, to be released this October by BookThug. He’s already known as a photographer, both for his own art’s sake and also in documenting readings around Toronto. Readings Ralph has photographed include several Pivot readings, LiveWords, BookThug launches, HIJ Readings, Coach House launches, and many other special events, launches, and readings. We’re happy to have him join our ranks here at EW!

If you would like to volunteer for Emerging Writers, I’m sure we could find a spot for you in the collective! Email Jess (jesstay7 [at] gmail [dot] com) to find ways you can contribute!

Host/Founder/Head Curator
The EW Reading Series

Farewell to EW photographer, Jess Bebenek! EW looking for a volunteer photographer to join our collective.

Jess Bebenek, who has been the photographer for Emerging Writers for over a year, is moving overseas to England! The Emerging Writers team would like to give our thanks to all of Jess’ hard work. We know you’re going to do great things!

Kettle Song photo

Jess’ new chapbook, Kettle Song. Visit for more information on Jess’ writing and her new adventures.

Bon voyage, Jessica! Thanks again for helping with Emerging Writers!

Emerging Writers is now seeking a new volunteer photographer. Photographers should have access to their own camera and a file-sharing program such as dropbox or googledocs. Head curator Jess Taylor will upload and continue to manage the photographs. The volunteer photograph just has to be present on show nights (the second Tuesday of each month, excluding December and August).

See you at a show soon!
Jess Taylor
Host/Founder/Head Curator
Emerging Writers

BIG on Bloor 2014! Set times!

Saturday, July 19th

1. 5:00-5:05 – Jess Taylor
2. 5:05-5:10 – Daniel Renton
3. 5:10-5:15 – Naomi Freeman

4. 5:20-5:25 – Ron Schafrick
5. 5:25- 5:30 – Rasiqra Revulva
6. 5:30- 5:35 – Kevin Hardcastle

7. 5:40-5:45 – Carolyn Bennett
8. 5:45- 5:50 – Rob Shaw
9. 5:50- 5:55 – Liz Howard

6:30-7:30 (New readers)
10. 6:30-6:40 – Andrew Brobyn
11. 6:40-6:50 – Steve Thomas
12. 6:50-7:00 – Ksenja Spasic
13. 7:00- 7:10 – Ben Moon
14. 7:10- 7:20 – Amanda Childsy

Sunday, July 20th

15. 1:30-1:35 – Inari Vaissi Nagy
16. 1:35-1:40 – Laura Hartenberger
17. 1:40- 1:45 – Nicole Grimaldi

18. 1:55-2:00 – Dan Perry
19. 2:00-2:05 – Adam Abbas
20. 2:05-2:10– Andrew Sullivan

21. 4:15-4:20 – Tory Hetherington
22. 4:20-4:25 – Maria Cichosz
23. 4:25-4:30 – Aaron Kreuter

24. 4:40-4:45– Andre Babyn
25. 4:45-4:50 – Edward Anki