Submit through Submittable

EW is currently booking for Fall 2017. Our deadline is July 15, 2017.

Please only submit through our submittable page. Email submissions will now be disregarded.



Query: Sending a query before you submit is welcome. It’s hard for people who have never attended a show to know if EW is the right place for them. Find out more about the series and please attend a show before submitting.

Email: ewreadings [at] gmail [dot] com.

Readers are a mix of solicited and unsolicited writers.
Solicited readers need not submit work unless requested.
Please submit 3-5 poems ***OR*** 1 piece of prose. Submissions need not be exactly what you’d like to read, but should be in a similar vein so I can get the feel of the work you might read.
Max 10 pages.
Excerpts ok.
Video/audio reading samples encouraged but not required.

We book shows months in advance. If there is a particular month you are away, indicate this in your cover letter.


All writers residing in Canada that have not yet published a major book (novel, full-length collection of poetry, full-length collection of short stories, non-fiction book). Open to all genres with a strong emphasis on literary fiction and poetry. EW does not yet have the budget to pay for travel expenses, but writers from other parts of Canada that are visiting Toronto are still encouraged to submit. With the exception of special event shows (BIG on Bloor, anniversary shows, etc), writers who have read at EW in the past should not resubmit. This allows EW to avoid booking repeat readers, keeping their shows full of fresh, emerging voices.

EW welcomes writers of all sorts regardless of gender, age, orientation, race, and ability. If you are a writer with disabilities who needs special accommodation, please indicate this in your cover letter. Special accommodations/SOME REALLY COOL STUFF can be done to accommodate writers with visual, auditory, verbal, or physical disabilities. We want your work to be experienced by EW audiences.