Nightstands: What EW Team Members Are Reading- Sofia Mostaghimi, Fiction Curator

by ewreading

We’re going to start a new feature on our website called Nightstands, showcasing what EW Team Collective Members are currently reading. If you’re an emerging writer who doesn’t know where to start to find some good literature to read or you want to get a feel for the taste of the EW Collective Members or you just love books, Nightstands is for you!

I used to want to be the sort of person who begins a thing then finishes that thing then neatly moves on to starting the next thing, finishes it, starts, finishes, starts, finishes, and so on.


Head Fiction Curator Sofia Mostaghimi’s nightstand

My nightstand here obviously tells a different story. Which I’m actually OK with now. I’d even recommend reading lots of books at once. That way, you’ve got various options for your various moods, states, whims, and desires.

I’ve got four books on the go right now:



–        The Nest by Kenneth Oppel (children’s lit; good for when I’m super sleepy or hungover)


–        Hunger by Lan Samantha Chang (for when I’m in a short story, non-committal sort of mood)


–        Both Flesh and Not by David Foster Wallace (for my morning commute when I’m mentally alert and still capable of complex thought)

–        Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (for when, at 600 pages in, I feel like visiting old friends).


Remember: book lovers never go to bed alone.

Bye now.

Sofia Mostaghimi

Head Fiction Curator