EW News — submissions info, upcoming shows, months off, party shows, etc

***EW NEWS*** (important please share!)
All right gang. So tonight is MONSTROUS MAY w/ Liz Howard, Chris Graham, Victoria Hetherington, and Ben Gallagher. It’s going to be an awesome one! 8pm, Duffy’s.

June’s show is booked – June 11th – and readers will be announced tonight. Event up shortly.

July 9th is going to be the end of the summer season for EW and we’re going to have a big party! Extra drink tickz distributed by the tickz fairy (ME) and DJ and dancing and generally taking all over all of Duffy’s.

August- OFF! NO SHOW! Cry all of August bc you miss EW. Don’t worry we can still hang out and get drinks. You can read your things to me in a bar or something. I’ll be in the city being lazy.

September 10th– WE RETURN! Maybe we’ll have a party again to celebrate the fall season.

EW will then run regularly (second Tues of each month) until Dec, which we will take off. Resume again Jan 2014.

SUBMISSIONS WILL OFFICIALLY CLOSE AT THE END OF THE MONTH. I think I have enough good submissions to book up slots until the end of 2013, so try to get in your submissions to get into 2013!! If I’m able to book up all of 2013, I WILL THEN CLOSE SUBMISSIONS UNTIL NOV 2013.

WordPress will be updated and I’ll get a domain in June. So if past readers have ventures they want plugged, send me an email jesstay7@gmail.com and I’ll plug it on the updated site.