Jumpin’ January! Event Up. December’s Show was Cancelled. Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone!


So a lot has been going on. Firstly, December’s show at Duffy’s Tavern was cancelled due to a delay in their renovations. It was super last minute, preventing us from getting another venue. To make up for it, we held a drop-in pub night at the Emmet Ray, which was really chill and fun. December seems to be a hard time for everyone, so I think in the future, EW will take December off. Most reading series seem to close down for the month anyway. All the readers for December’s show have been worked into the schedule for the next few months, so keep a look out. I should have never called the show Doomed December. My bad!


Our next show is January 8th, 2013. Our readers are Adam Abbas, Madison Brown, Rebecca Ihilchik, Andrew Shenkman, and Vicki Zhang.  It should be a great show. We’re being sponsored by Broken Pencil Magazine for this event, so keep an eye out for some fun stuff!


Here’s the flyer:

January flyerresize

Right! So I hope to see you all there!


The world didn’t end, so yeah, have a happy holiday. If you don’t celebrate something during this season, then just have an awesome week. I’ll catch you in the new year!




PS: I need more poetry submissions! Please use our submittable: http://ewreading.submittable.com