All-Star August!

by ewreading

Hey all!

Jovial July! was great fun! There were so many people there, and once the show got started, everything went so smoothly. Thank you to all my wonderful readers and to everyone who came out! The support the series has received has been incredible.

For our next event, we have something extra special. The Emerging Writers Reading Series is doing a cross-over with Dragnet Mag! All of the readers for August 14, 2012 are emerging writers that have had prose work featured in Dragnet Mag. The readers are Claire Battershill, whose work appeared in Issue One; Andy Sinclair, whose work appeared in Issue Two; Laura Hartenberger, whose work appeared in Issue Five; and Jesse Boyce, whose work appeared in Issue Three. Links to the issues they were in will be included in their bios in the Upcoming Readers section.



Hope everyone can come out! See you then!